You ask who I am, a tree-hugging hippie
isn’t it obivious, I’m just a bit trippy
you desire my needs by cutting down trees
all I can tell you is don’t touch the bees

give me a triple cheese-burger now
then I’ll tell you sucker how
I tell you how things should be DONE
by far you will tell me «thanks a TON!»

I’m illiteral fucking natural human
before you know me you’ve heard of Newman
it’s a character yo, that guy isn’t real
there is no way he can tell you how I feel!

so fuck your industrial society bullshit
I’m already through with this fucking nitwit
I’m asking yo’ please not to pee on my back
before you know it I’ve launched an attack

don’t give me your crap about saving the planet
all I can tell you is my name is not Bennett
your fucking heroic television shows
and what you’re really watching, fuck no!

don’t give me no line about saving humanity
the things you guys do is pleading insanity
I’m sick of your cars your cds and your house
so leave me alone while I hunt for a mouse


~ av mongofjes den november 26, 2008.

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